BYCHILL Andeol Scarves Vedas  Maya India

Growing up I was fascinated by my mother’s collection of beautiful scarves. My sisters and I would wrap ourselves in them and dance, pretending we were princesses.
Luckily as an adult I can still indulge in this fantasy with my collection of Andéol scarves. Designer Emilie Cacace creates the most beautiful prints using photographs and illustrations which are digitally printed onto silk. She also collaborates with Sydney based jeweller Raphael Mhashilkar to create her range of woven and beaded jewellery.
These are a few of my current favourites, but you really must visit her online store to view the extensive range of prints and jewellery, along with her printed bags.

Label I Love: Andéol

BYCHILL Deadly Ponies Senorita Bandits

You know a label is REALLY good when someone who sees hundreds of handbags a month is still a dedicated fan.
After almost 4 years working & interning in Magazines, with thousands of bags passing through my hands, I still get excited about viewing Deadly Ponies latest offerings.  The soft leather alone makes ordering one of these bags worthwhile, and don’t get me started on the colours, hardware, fur….

Label I Love: Deadly Ponies