An ode to all my favourite things / In my Paris apartment

Le labo candle - photographer chloe hill paris

I take so many photos I never share, of random moments and things I love. But I’ve collated the snaps I took in my Paris apartment this year for you, pretty much an ode to all my favourite things…

Above: My customised Le Labo Palo Santo 14 candle.

susanne kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann’s body lotion.

mars NZ clear earrings - photographer chloe hill paris

Handmade earrings from Mars, the sweetest NZ jewellery label which I found at Modern Society in London

nuxe limited edition hair oil - photographer chloe hill paris

The secret to my curly hair… Nuxe’s multipurpose hair/skin/body oil. A liversaver when living out of a suitcase.

zan zan modern scoiety sunglasses - photographer chloe hill paris
This statue was above my bed and made for the perfect sunglass perch. Sunnies are ZanZan X Modern Society.

Au Articles Spring / Summer Body Crème
Picked up Au Articles Spring/Summer Body Crème in New York during fashion week and have taken it around the world with me (literally now I’m back in Sydney). Seasonal beauty products make so much sense <3

Au Articles Spring / Summer Body Crème

Lilac Le Skinny Sunglasses
Perfect purple sunnies by Poppy Lissiman.

susanne kaufmann Herbal Whey Bath nourishing powder - chloe hill paris beauty post
Almost shed a tear when I used up the last of this last week… Susanne Kaufmann’s herbal whey which I used every couple of days in the bath. So nourishing when the temperature got low.

Will post my guide to Paris… soon <3*

*(prob next year :p)

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