My Latest Beauty Crush: Oily Face Wash


I have combination skin and experience monthly breakouts so at first the notion of washing my face with oil was almost the scariest thing I could think of.

All my life I was under the impression that stripping my skin of oil would limit blemishes… the truth is I was really just damaging my skin further.  Harsh chemicals and soaps were striping natural oils and were instead encouraging additional oil production, confusing me (and my skin) even more!

So after trying an oil face wash I quickly realised why these products have sky-rocketed to fame.  The idea is that oil attracts oil.

This simple, natural product (packed with avocado and almond oil) gently cleans while drawing out dirt and oils, leaving my skin feeling balanced and hydrated.  Plus it’s made here in Australia!

If you live in Australia or NZ you can shop Oily Skincare’s Oily Face Wash online here and for my international readers here are a few other oil face washes I know you’ll love…

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