Craving Colour


As we get deeper into winter I get further and further from my bright summery colour palette.  Instead I end up wearing denim and turtlenecks day in, day out. But I’m getting to the point when I start to crave colour again.  And plenty of it.

So this is my attempt at staying warm and colourful at once; with the fluffiest sweater and a heavy wool skirt…

Jumper, Sass & Bide.  Skirt, Cos.  Bag, Chloé.  Boots, Senso.



CHLOE-CHILL-FASHION-AND-BEAUTY-BLOG-Sass-and-Bide-pink-fuffy-jumper,-cos-purple-wool-mini-skirt-and-Senso-black-leather-bootsJumper, Sass & Bide.  Skirt, Cos.  Bag, Chloé.  Boots, Senso.

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